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Bonfire Night

A crackle, bang and glitter
Now lighting up the sky
And shooting into darkness
With colours veering high

A Catherine Wheel a whirling
A rocket whistling past
The whizz and hum of fireworks
With stars that sparkle fast

And watched by wide eyed children
With adults stood in awe
The pyrotechnic splendour
Is dropping many jaws

And lapping up the warmness
From raging hot bonfires
The penny guy is burning
In raggedy attire

With children holding sparklers
To spell out all their names
In fiery trails so blazing
Before more other games

Whilst hot dogs cook on charcoal
For consuming with delight
Such fun! The firework party
Today – it’s bonfire night!


Remember, Remember the fifth of November for all the right reasons – Firework Safety Guide


Firework Fear!

Oh what on earth! What is that bang!
The sky is falling in!
The crackle and the pops are loud
And really so startling!

I’m scared out of my life and mind
I swear I just don’t know
Just what to do or what to think
And neither where to go

So under table I will hide
Or scratch at the back door
Then yowl and yelp and bark a bit
Or yap and moan some more

But if I am a man’s best friend
You’ll think to plan ahead
And keep me calm with curtains closed
In peace and quiet instead

And with regards my feline foe
Tonight we might agree
That fireworks scare both dogs and cat
And sit in unity

So please all owners be aware
As bonfire nights come near
And spare a thought for all of us
To save us from our fear!

Firework Fear


For more information on keeping pets safe on fireworks night: