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A Halloween Twist

Cast her as the big bad witch
And all you’ll surely see
Is cloak of black with pointy hat
With broomstick made from tree

You will think you’ll hear a cackle
Swear blind she owns a cat
That crosses in front of your path
To catch the nearest rat

And you’ll be certain that she has
A fiery cauldron too
Where tail of mouse and rat complete
All mix into the stew

Yet ‘neath perception’s bias
You’ll fail to see the rest
The truth or altitude view that so
Belies your thoughts at best

For there’s no cloak, no pointy hat
No broomstick or fire pit
No cackle, though perhaps a cat
But that is about it

As beneath these dark and blackened clothes
She wears as a disguise
Another her is maybe masked
To cover up her size

Or hide away from judgement and
The pointing finger that
Condemns those who don’t look the same
In the same boat they’re sat

And by your own distorted view
You fail to see the good
Less open eyes to observe her
The way she craves you would

And see the real girl; see her heart
Her story that unfolds
Instead of simple dreadfulness
Her beauty to behold!

So twist your mind; contort it to
Conceive another view
For there’s a multitude of ways
That she might see you too!




Tonight in sight of shining moon
A broomstick passes by
With witch at helm and cat at rear
Up high in the night sky

And bat eclipses light from lamp
That lights the streets below
As shrieks in distance chill the air
And green fires gently glow

Where cauldrons simmer on such flames
Awaiting tails of rats
And spiders webs and eye of frog
Mix with the blood of gnat

Whilst on the heath a coven meets
To chant new spells again
As deep in pagan underworld
They celebrate Samhain

Firework Fear!

Oh what on earth! What is that bang!
The sky is falling in!
The crackle and the pops are loud
And really so startling!

I’m scared out of my life and mind
I swear I just don’t know
Just what to do or what to think
And neither where to go

So under table I will hide
Or scratch at the back door
Then yowl and yelp and bark a bit
Or yap and moan some more

But if I am a man’s best friend
You’ll think to plan ahead
And keep me calm with curtains closed
In peace and quiet instead

And with regards my feline foe
Tonight we might agree
That fireworks scare both dogs and cat
And sit in unity

So please all owners be aware
As bonfire nights come near
And spare a thought for all of us
To save us from our fear!

Firework Fear


For more information on keeping pets safe on fireworks night:


Back in the runes of ancient time
From Celtic days of old
The festival of Samhain saw
Dark winter days unfold
As summer’s light was bid adieu
And sank just out of reach
Enticing Celts to then believe
Dead souls might rise and breach
The thinner winter boundary
Mid this world and the next
With fears that evil spirits
Might come and cast a hex

And thus to stifle havoc
They’d dress up in costume
To scare away unwanted ghosts
And still their sense of doom.
And with jack o-lantern turnips
Placed in their window frame
They’d ward off evil spirits
To dispel them from the game
But now this Celtic festival
Is meshed with other days
In a melting pot of rituals
Called Halloween today