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When the world offers no mercy
Let poetry stand out
Stand out like an island of sanity
Midst the harsh seas of chaos
Breathing order
To bring about peace
To bring about joy
To bring about flow

This poem has been adapted from Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s book “Flow”.  It’s fab – a really inspirational read – if anyone wants to know more about Optimal Experience

What is Happiness (Haikus)

Happiness is not
Found in material wealth
But gold deep within

Neither is it sought
From beyond the window pane
But in the mirror

It’s not loud and brash
But abides in the still voice
Of each beating heart

Happiness is then
Contentment with self above
All other pleasure

Cake (Haiku)

Cake! The solution
To all life’s little problems
Baking happiness



So wretched is the heart of man
Who strives to thus attain
A wealth in riches, money or
Extrinsic reward gain.

How flawed he is in searching for
Material luxuries
Summoning will for more and more
Hoping to be happy.

For such craving will only lead
To senses unfulfilled
And sours even the finest times
As such quest wrecks the thrills

For happiness cannot be sought
Cannot be chased; pursued
Yet more so is a consequence
That comes about; ensues

A quality or side effect
That resides in the flow
Of optimal experience
To leave its mark a-glow

And though perhaps it sometimes seems
Elusive at its best
Through conquest of one’s inner self
Shine rays of happiness

Based on the theory of “flow” as researched by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (2002)

Wish Upon A Star

Wish upon a star
Say a little prayer
Look for hope and happiness
With loving kindness there

And when you catch that star dust
Be careful to hold tight
To radiate the joy it holds
And shine so very bright

Hope, Love and Happiness

Grab all opportunity
Let glasses overflow
Whilst living your life to the full
And never dare let go
Of hope and love and happiness
The trio that will pave
Pathways of joy and contentment
Through thick and thin engrave
Etchings into your heart so deep
With rainbows shades aspire
To live; to learn and laugh a lot
To flourish and inspire


Cloud Nine

Cloud nine – supreme and happy place
Idyllic some may say
With head in clouds in cuckoo land
Revelling in blissful day

Yet vying to beat number nine
Another tries to be
The cloud that get the vote; the stamp
The title of Happy

For consider for a short while
The matter of cloud seven
Putting its case forward to state
He’s in part seventh heaven

A cloud that is just so sublime
A cloud that is so great
He swears that hands down he beats nine
For best euphoric state!

Yet aside either of these clouds
Jostling to be so bright
I’d rather have blue skies without
A single cloud in sight


Give Me Love Over Riches

Give me love over riches
Give me compassion too
Give me kindness and empathy
For the happier view

Give me laughter and sunshine
The smile from a child
Give me honesty, openness
Make me meek, make me mild

And the day will be mine
Cross the months and the years
Where with courage and grace
Blessings cross all frontiers.


A Recipe For Happiness

To whine and moan; complain and bitch
In time becomes a constant itch
That grates the soul; scratches the mind
Stifles all smiles til all you find
Is misery; sadness and pain
That washes sunshine down the drain
And so perhaps with gratitude
Consider what improves the mood
And focus on the better things
Appreciate as the heart sings
All else that brings along delight
However small with fresh insight
Resolved to ditch those duller ways
And thus sustain happier days



Have A Colourful Day

Don’t be glum but be cheerful
Don’t be sad. Be happy
Wear a smile on your face
To remove misery
And with a hop, skip and jump
In your step on the way
Have a focus on grateful
For bright colourful days!