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If you have eeyeore’itis
And feel a little blue
Then pal up with an optimist
With half filled glass in view
Cos then when they insist that you
Just smile and be happy
You can take that glass of water
And tip it over them with glee!







Please don’t take this too seriously (!) written as an optimist who’s glass is always half full but aware that others equally see the value in having a glass half empty for one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and visa versa. It is, however, true that the answer to cheering someone up isn’t always in a simple prescription of ‘be happy’ but more so understanding, compassion and care.


Laughter; ringing in the air
Singing a light melody
In the hearts of its audience
Dancing on the staves of life
In a quick step of happiness
And playing on the strings of bliss
In an infectious and convivial harmony
That lilts rhythmically in a cadence of joy

Fools Gold (Haiku)

Happiness costs naught
Yet much is spent seeking it
Acquiring fools gold

Pretty Woman

There’s something quite disturbing
Bout the rat race that we’re in
That only sees the value
Of women who are thin
And yet by all accounting
Most ladies are more large
Than the zero sized matchsticks girls
In images discharged

For even those of healthy weight
Appear to be so fat
Compared to pictures in the news
Where everything is flat
From stomachs to no bottoms
And sometimes even breasts
Where skinny seems to correlate
With how to look your best

Not then forgetting make up
Plastered on face and lips
In some disguise; maybe a shot
To detract from the hips
That are also cursed by women
For bulging a tad more
Than those they see in media
Yet are quite fine for sure

And so I call on women
Step up and make a stand
To sit contented in their skin
And rise across the land
To fight this crazy fashion
And more so be happy
For who you are not how you look
Is ten times more healthy!

Pretty Woman

Ode To The Cheery

Now you know them; the odd person
Who brings such light and joy
The sort who always wears a smile
And happiness deploy

The kind of chap or girl who just
Is simply so much fun
Who brightens up your every day
And who all hearts have won

And who you’d like to take a leaf
Out of their book of life
For through all else they manage to
Diminish any strife

And like a tonic; pick me up
They take all pain away
The cheery sorts; those who we love
The world needs every day!

Don’t Let Them Get You Down

Don’t let the buggers get you down
Don’t fret and wear a sad sad frown
But just determine every day
To wear a smile as if to say
Sod off I’m happy as can be
I don’t need you – you don’t need me!
And then resolved be sure to do
All things that blast away the blues
And live a life that so imparts
Pure kindness, grace with loving heart!


Second Chance

When marriage goes a little wrong
A cup might take a crash
But when it fails and falls to bits
The heart takes the backlash

And like the cup that smashes up
It bleeds and is shattered
But not in ways as physical
Yet still destroyed; battered

For at the seat of who we are
The core of every one
Emotionally we’re vulnerable
To things that have been done

Translated by the head a top
Steered by neurology
The heart then takes the knocks; the strains
And weeps eternally

Lest that it is what it does unless
A plaster is affixed
When happiness helps heal the wounds
With kindness in the mix

And then the heart will jump for joy
Be blessed and smile anew
The past no longer there to hurt
Saved by love’s great sinew

To live a life of wholesomeness
That gives without a glance
The beat of grace; the stroke of hope
Best known as second chance

English: Broken Heart symbol

English: Broken Heart symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Happiness is a state of mind
A choice that beams within
A warmth that graces heart and soul
The essence of win:win

The face that never fails to see
The goodness and the peace
The smile that’s worn consistently
And never fails to crease

The place where kindness n’er gives up
Where empathy unfolds
Compassion, love, respect and more
Step out as partners bold

And hidden deep right out of sight
It hums away and sings
In reassurance pacified
Spirit of great blessings


Bliss And Happiness

The sense of bliss and happiness
That welcomes in the new
With joy that runs so very deep
Warm spirit to imbue
That cheers you and inspires you
Makes those bubbles fizz within
Contentment in your home and heart
That signals a win:win!

Bliss and Happiness


With all the money in the world
Somethings are not for sale
Good manners, morals and respect
Are free – no cash entailed!

Then character and common sense
Sit past the bankers door
Lest trust, patience, integrity
No charge for rich or poor

And then there’s love with no set price
Not to be bought or sold
For all these things you cannot buy
Just learn, uplift, behold!


Virtue (Photo credit: Leonard John Matthews)