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Ode To The Cheery

Now you know them; the odd person
Who brings such light and joy
The sort who always wears a smile
And happiness deploy

The kind of chap or girl who just
Is simply so much fun
Who brightens up your every day
And who all hearts have won

And who you’d like to take a leaf
Out of their book of life
For through all else they manage to
Diminish any strife

And like a tonic; pick me up
They take all pain away
The cheery sorts; those who we love
The world needs every day!



Some people in life bring the fog
The fog that is cold and is grey
That hangs in a mist on your heart
Destroying the light in each day
In brume of bewildering mess
Miasma of misted disarray
The mask on the sun that might shine
And stifle contentment away

But others are sunbeams of glory
That blow all the clouds from the sky
With lightness that is most refreshing
And kindness that helps others fly
Who bring out the best in each person
With wholeness that’s shines from their soul
These sunbeams of life in their fullness
Caressing the world as a whole

English: Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota. Es...

English: Sunflowers in Fargo, North Dakota. Español: Girasoles amarillos Français : Un champ de tournesols à Fargo, dans le Dakota du Nord (USA). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There’s a twinkle in your eye
A smirk across your face
A dimple in your cheeks that shows
The best of human race

A smile so broad and wonderful
It makes me want to grin
The contagious delight that means
We all then win win win!

Smiley from the sMirC-series. smiling

Smiley from the sMirC-series. smiling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Jumping joyfully
Over the moon elated
Yippie yippie yay



There’s the nice or there’s the nasty
There’s the good or there’s the bad
There’s the fun or there’s the serious
There’s those who are happy or who are sad

There’s the content or there’s the angry
There’s the pleasant or unkind
There’s the elated or the grieving
There are those with hope or fearful mind

There’s the surprised and the indifferent
There’s the proud or the ashamed
There’s generous or the greedy
There are those known and those unnamed

There’s the relieved and the frustrated
There’s those that restrict or give liberty
Lives of contrasting emotions
But which today will set us free?