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Cuts Nose to Spite Face


Blueprint in a bulb


The problem with gossip
Is it spreads like a fire
Like a demon possessed
Electricity down the wire
Like a mudslide or earthquake
A fast running stream
It fuels in its frenzy
And rarely is clean
And it picks up the debris
In the sails of its storm
With the whispers of others
Stinging as bees in the swarm
And, as such, wrecks lives
But mostly departs
From virtuosity and truth
Breaking bonds; breaking hearts
For it can’t handle honesty
And fails to perceive
Anything more than its own view
Being corrupt and dirty
As it smudges and smears
Is implicit with lies
Causing havoc and chaos
Til the day that it dies


I had a dream where grass was green

And sky was always blue
Where lambs frolicked in spring decked fields
And peace was all on view
I had a dream where love survived
The heartache and the pain
Where shackles of my broken bones
Released; threw off the chains
I had a dream that justice lived
With truth and honesty
Where bully and abuser left
And only good reigned free
And then I ‘woke’ all stiff and cold
With hole shot through my head
I realised I was in my grave
Beat blue and left for dead
Yet with the resurrection might 
Those dreams of better days
Will lift me up and take me on
Right out of his harm’s way 


Such interference; such control
It drives her round the bend
No trust; no sense of letting go
No hope of being friends
Just suffocation; in her face
Taking autonomy
Asphyxiating any breath
Where is her liberty?

A prisoner to another’s heart
A slave to their command
A hostage to their temperament
And serf in life remand
Where freedom is a distant shore
A flight from here to there
Where only dreams see sun chink through
This unending nightmare

Snake In The Grass

There is a snake right in the grass
That slithers throughout life
With evil malice in its path
Delivering much strife

A snake that weaves with ill intent
That hisses violently
A snake with poison to impart
On victim’s brutally

And why? There is no rational
No rhyme or excuse
Save all subjective narratives
That add up to abuse

And so the snake glides constantly
The shadow in the field
To swallow up in one fell swoop
Its prey and those who yield

But though the snake with venom bites
Constrains and suffocates
To find a path away from them
Will see the threat abate

The peril that’s no more than that
A snake right in the grass
Where no subscription to their way
Will see the danger pass

For there’s no snake that can survive
When starved so to deprive
The fuel that fires its wickedness
No endings to contrive

Grass Snake

Grass Snake (Photo credit: Moonrhino)