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There’s a bridge that extends
Between you and me
Invisible yet there
Cross chasm and sea
Called respect, open mindedness
Less judgement and blame
That seeks out common pathways
That chooses the game
That pulls together; uplifts
That doesn’t divide
Works hard to discover
That despite different sides
We are of the same coin
Be me head and you tails
And that’s where the wealth is
On a sliding scale
T’ween my opinion and yours
However different they be
For when all’s said and done
Let’s sing in harmony

A ‘Welfie’ World

I dream of a ‘welfie’ world
Where the ‘me’ is replaced with the ‘we’
Where the common currency is love
The common language is respect
Bound in individual responsibility
Uniting each one
And bringing together the world
Working as one
In an image celebrating diversity
Yet unified by worldcentric vision
Portrayed in one powerful snapshot
Otherwise known as US


If someone does a favour
Have the grace to say
How much it is applauded
In every single way

And do not take advantage
Of their kind natured will
Less stab in the back and push
Them to do much more still

And also do not analyse
What you get; what you gain
But instead think what you can give
What you can do again

And show appreciation
Give people true value
For life is mutually better
When one head becomes two

And without power imbalance
Without a rod and stick
Work in collaboration
Get on and do it quick!

Fooled By A Dream

Behold the azure sky
With scattered cotton wool clouds
Ahead the light of a golden sun
Shining onto verdant fields
Where pure crystal rain nourishes
A world at peace
Where each is reconciled to the other
Wars are no longer fought
Battles are but a distant memory
Love is the universal code
Uniting the hearts of humankind
And I shed a tear as I realise my April Fool
Fooled by a dream
A wish
A longing
An imagining that harmony
Collaboration could even exist
Were it so
I wish it was

Santa’s Wish List

Have you ever stopped and wondered
That Santa might get bored
Of mince pies, port, brandy and wine
When he is all aboard
His laden frosty sleigh
Out there on Christmas Eve
Away from elves and family
That he might make believe
Of lists of gifts he’d really love
The things he’d like the best
If Father Christmas came to him
And gave him a days rest?

Have you ever thought what he’d ask for
Things that would bring a smile
To Santa’s face if he was graced
With time off once a while
For perhaps he’d ask for vodka
Or even Christmas cake
Maybe a festive sweater
Scarf, socks or garden rake
Or maybe a new reindeer
A friend to help Rudolf
Or possibly clubs and new balls
For North Polonian Golf

But in truth I think he’d ask for
More peace and harmony
A planet that knew only love
And true equality
A place where guns lay silent
Where all would be as one
With lighter hearts and wonder bright
Where each would get along
Where poverty was ended
Where all water was clean
Where jealousy diminished
Leaving grass so very green

And so on Christmas Eve
When children go to bed
Perhaps it’s time to think again
When man all dressed in red
Pops down your chimney quickly
To fill stockings by tree
For he who makes a difference
Will inspire each to surely
Help Santa have his wish list
Past mince pies on his way
To give the gifts he craves the most
Kindness this Christmas Day

Father Christmas (1991 film)

Father Christmas (1991 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I really want to integrate
And fit in – yes I do!
But does that really have to mean
I give up me for you?

And does it mean I can’t say barth
And instead utter bath
Or can I now not walk a parth
Instead stroll down the path!

And are these round things on my plate
Not potatoes instead tates
I really want to fit in here
How do we integrate?

For after all what do we mean
By wanting to fit in?
Is there a place where we can go
A place that is win:win?

A place where there’s no judgement call
On where we’ve been before
A place where dialects don’t count
Where bigger hearts mean more

For all through life we want to be
Accepted – to have love
Away from all suspicions or
Rejection from above

So all we need to integrate
Is healthy kind respect
For ourselves and for each other
To fit in and connect

Harmonious Discord

Is the planet in harmony or discord when the ravages of nature hit
When the hurricane vents her passion with power and fortress
And her eye sears a piercing look tearing into the heartlands
The tornado twists in anguished ardour with rotating spiral
And the cyclonic storm rages with apocalyptic fervour?

Is the planet in equilibrium or imbalance when the rain pours forth unceasingly
And the flash flood swells with cataclysmic deluge
The polar cap melts with threat to far off shores
And the avalanche heavy with her burden of snow and ice plunders en mass
Whilst the tsunamis sweeps across the lands reclaiming once more her ocean’s spoils?

Is the planet in resonance or cacophony as the core’s crescendo quakes in continental shift
The volcano erupts her obsidian magma with a plethora of devouring lava
And the wild fire rages cremating nature’s footprint in her path
Whilst the sun’s penetrating heat burns relentlessly
Vapourising drought struck lands now so desert bound?

By what measure does this balance up
Or in whose orchestra do these wild phenomena play?
To what phonometer do they subscribe?
For nature’s symphony embraces attunement with harmonious discord
Where mankind is no match for this planetary orchestra!