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Sonnet To The Autumn

The colours of the autumn hither fall
In oranges and reds and rusty browns
A bronzed array about with lost recall
Of greener days now past; leaves on the grounds
Where harvest fruits are reaped and gathered in
Amidst the fiery flames tumbling from trees
To carpet the cold earth with autumn skin
The smoke of bonfires hanging on the breeze
Yet lasting memories of the summer past
Not burnt in embers of the fall-time fire
Will soon give in to winter coming fast
Where frost and snow and icicles aspire
     Meantime the rustling autumn days hold tight
     Abundant and such splendid copper sight

Beautiful fall day!

Beautiful fall day! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



And the trees bow gracefully to autumn’s glory
Robed in vibrant oranges, reds and russets
Laden with bountiful fruits congregating in hedgerows;
Rosehips, elderflower and blackberry
Amongst the teasel and horse chestnut

And in the distance the whistle of winter encroaching
Nipping at the heels of the crisp morning air
Washing away the sultry days of summer with pearlescent dew
Clinging to the abandoned heads of corn
Languishing away from the combines grasp;

And beneath feet, the crunch of fallen autumn leaves
Above the gaggle of migrating geese
Upon the autumn breeze in a trajectory of echeloned formation
Skeins set against the watery sunset
Bidding a fond farewell in summer’s last lament