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The Sun Has Got His Hat On

The sun has got his hat on and he’s coming out to play
But what I want to know is will he be here all day?
Of even if he is a he – why maybe he’s a she
Or maybe there’s no gender to the sun specifically!
But boy or girl or not all, what is the sunshine plan
For do I need galoshes on or instead suncream and fan!
And just how long will it stay up there in the bright blue sky
For this is England, green, green land where rain’s always nearby!
So when we sing the sun is out with hat upon his head?
Just smile and make the most of it as skin turns quickly red
And picnic, barbecue and more; enjoy the warmer ways
Cos soon, the sun will pack a bag and go on holiday!

English: Sun in Splendour

English: Sun in Splendour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Millinery Fashions

Millinery fashions. Oh my! What assortments
Such tit-for-tats sat proudly at rest
Whilst some look dashing and lovely
Other’s resemble an unkempt bird nest
Found on heads, topping off hair dos
With little aplomb in their lopsided way
They’re placed in situ awaiting
For a cuckoo to drop in and stay

But then there are those hats that are simply quite dashing
Those ravishing numbers that boast
And knock the spots off all other hats out there
With style and elegance right on the post
Along with the top hat that outlive time eternal
And the beret that’s just so oo-la-la-la
Or the trilby from jazz venues in Manhattan
Outstripping bonnets and boaters by far.

And so let’s hear it for Millinery fashions
Let’s raise a glass and say hip hip hooray
For be it baker boy cap, helmet or feather
All hats have a whole story to say
For some hats are stereotypical
Some come with labels or add their own style
Whilst others are simple unique, a one-off
And best to avoid by a mile!