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Pretty Woman

There’s something quite disturbing
Bout the rat race that we’re in
That only sees the value
Of women who are thin
And yet by all accounting
Most ladies are more large
Than the zero sized matchsticks girls
In images discharged

For even those of healthy weight
Appear to be so fat
Compared to pictures in the news
Where everything is flat
From stomachs to no bottoms
And sometimes even breasts
Where skinny seems to correlate
With how to look your best

Not then forgetting make up
Plastered on face and lips
In some disguise; maybe a shot
To detract from the hips
That are also cursed by women
For bulging a tad more
Than those they see in media
Yet are quite fine for sure

And so I call on women
Step up and make a stand
To sit contented in their skin
And rise across the land
To fight this crazy fashion
And more so be happy
For who you are not how you look
Is ten times more healthy!

Pretty Woman

Big Bellies; Floppy Boobs!

Big bellies; floppy boobs
The need to thin on down
But is that what it’s all about
To have the stick-thin crown?

Is it all about the image?
Or more so for self-care
To disregard what the mirror says
Instead for how we fare

Accepting that some squidyness
Along with cushioned tums
Is part of life and much better
Than living on mere crumbs!

Whilst focussing on health not fat
On fitness; feeling great
On cherishing what’s underneath
Hearts, minds and other states

Not centring on measurements
Or even size zero
But more intent on how we feel
For hale and hearty hero

So big bellies; floppy boobs
Take courage; ditch the scales
Don’t care what mirror or world says
But more your health details!