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Know Your Beat (Pulse)

Know your pulse and monitor
Note just how quick it beats
Ordinarily that is
When counting the repeats

Yes, know your pulse and keep a note
Observe the way it ticks
Understand and pinpoint any
Rhythms if slow or quick

Be alert to any changes
Events not right per se
And get it checked with your GP
To save a life today

For more information on taking your pulse click here

English: Pulse evaluation Deutsch: Pulstastung

English: Pulse evaluation Deutsch: Pulstastung (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This week is Heart Rhythm Week which celebrates Ten Years of Innovation and Advancements in Arrhythmia Patient Care. Your support will make a difference in helping to protect the many millions of arrhythmia patients worldwide.  Together we can:

  • Work to save 100,000 lives from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)
  • Improve outcomes for 1 million AF patients
  • Increase early detection and management for 2 million arrhythmia sufferers

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