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It’s time to quell your anger and
To quench your violent rage
To calm right down and chill a bit
Take fury off the page
For those who get so ratty might
Risk stroke and heart attack
So breathe in deep, relax, compose
Save moods that are so black
And please stop those angry outbursts
Reduce your stress at ease
To help your heart stay healthier
Reducing heart disease

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The Cadence of A Life

It starts with just a heartbeat
The cadence of a life
The pulse; being’s vibration and
The wave’s inflection rife
The tempo that keeps ticking on
The beat, the pace, in time
The centre of existence and
The rhythm and the rhyme

The core of all vitality
That pumps throughout the day
The source; the cradle of all life
That takes us on our way
The dynamo within us that
Propels us from the start
So fight for every heart beat to
Flow red in every heart

February is National Heart Month and today The British Heart Foundation is encouraging everyone to “Ramp Up the Red” to fight for every heartbeat and help keep hearts beating.  To find out more click here


Heart (Photo credit: mozzercork)

Mind Blowing

My mind is blown with science;
It’s so big and it’s so huge
It’s so tiny and so minuscule
A force – a centrifuge
That spins my brain; accelerates
The dendrons from the start
But overall however great
I’ll always trust my heart!

Mind Blowing

The Heart of the Rose

The heart of the rose with love resides
Internally, intrinsically, incandescently besides
In concordance and collaboration and unity and more
With petals from Venus and Cupid’s arrows soar
The heart of the rose through the months of the year
Bringing wishes of love from a heart, so sincere