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On The AF Highway

On the AF Highway
It’s a battle; it’s a pain
For though this vehicle’s moving quickly
It’s inconsistent all the same
For one minute it is speeding
Then the ABS kicks in
Before cruise control takes over
And another bout begins

And as such the fuel is guzzled
Using up all energy
Going up and down the gears
With lights flashing constantly
As the electrics get all fizzy
And the highway seems to spin
Hitting traffic jams and road blocks
In race you’ll never win



Cupcakes and Lemonade

Cupcakes and lemonade
Picnics away
Chilling to celebrate
Come on today
To shine like a star
With sweetness galore
With fresh lemonade
Come on – we implore!

And feel sun in your hair
And grass in your toes
Whilst making a diff’rence
Cos everyone knows
That cupcakes and lemonade
Forever will be
The best of best partners
For a fundraising tea!

This summer are asking us to hold Cupcake and Lemonade parties to fundraise for them so that they continue to be here for patients with unexplained blackouts, to answer their questions, talk to schools and provide reassurance when you need it.  To find out more click here.  This charity provides an invaluable service to those, who like me, suffer from conditions that knock us out regularly and particularly for those who struggle to get a diagnosis for rarer conditions.  Why not consider supporting them and organising your own Cupcakes and Lemonade picnic or party.  You can process the funds raised through the donations link on this blog which goes directly to them.  Let me know what you do? 🙂

jalapeno lemonade cupcakes

jalapeno lemonade cupcakes (Photo credit: freakgirl)