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Blue Butterfly

Fly sweet butterfly. Fly fly!
Away into the blue
Midst azure wisps amongst the clouds
The essence that is you
And flap your cerulean wings
Until you blend as one
With heavens mist high up above
Towards the setting sun



Swan Song

A swan song cut so very short
As bird capitulates
With early flight to heaven’s skies
Bereft of living state

For muted tonics fade into
The realm of softer tones
On wing of wind forever there
Away now all alone

And sweetness of the final song
Now drifts on distant breeze
As graceful swan departs this earth
To swim eternal seas

In memory of a deceased swan that we found in a lay-by today.  So very sad.

Swan Song

Photograph courtesy of BenDJ Photography


I dreamt we went to greener lands
The other side of fence
A land of mysteries so great
A land so called pretence
Where water was so very clear
Where hunger didn’t call
Where hurt and pain had left this earth
Where no-one took a fall
Where love was the only language
And care the paradigm
I dreamt we went to greener lands
Where all was so sublime

The place that is a paradise
The land that could exist
Where living in fine harmony
Burns sunshine through the mist
The place of purer unity
Where all diversity
Is celebrated; assets shared
A place we’d like to be
Where blame just doesn’t happen and
Respect is given worth
I dreamt we went to greener lands
A heaven here on earth