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DABday (Draw a Bird Day)

And so today is DABday
A day that’s sure to fly
A day that’s there to spread much joy
To all birds glorify

And all that’s needed is a pad
Of paper and a pen
To draw all sorts of different birds
Perhaps even a hen

So get artistic and then share
Your work however small
On social networks all worldwide
To bring some joy to all

Today is “Draw a Bird Day”  Want to find out more?  Click here!



Cock a Doodle Doo

I crow at dawn and wake you up
I crow throughout the day
I crow to make my presence known
In all I do and say

I crow to herald in the morn
I crow to most impress
And mostly do I crow at large
To safeguard my hens’ nest

I strutt and walk around the farm
And ruffle feathers full
With red comb a top and proud as punch
I am the chief cockerel