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What Happens To Spiders In Winter?

Have you ever wondered what happens to spiders
In the winter when the weather bites cold
Where do they go to? What do they then do?
To stop themselves dying – more so grow old
Do they look for a warm pad with heating
In a barn or a convenient shed
Or do they creep in the house to adjourn
From the frost and curl up in your bed?
But no! Spiders it seems are quite crafty
And manufacture their own antifreeze
That stops ice building up in their insides
To keep their blood flowing with ease!
And their babies – now this is the cute bit!
If they hatch on the coldest of days
Stay huddled together in the egg sac
Until a time when there are warmer rays
Then they chomp through the outer protection
With their fangs as a means to run free
To escape and get on with their own lives
Spin webs – have their own family
But moreover if you see a spider in your house
Know it hasn’t come in from the cold
But most likely has lived his whole life there
In the cracks, out of sight so I’m told!
And thus in the midst of a winter
Know your spider has his own box of tricks
And is probably sat nearby observing
You watching a film on Netflix!