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Hope, Providence, Fortuity

A week of opportunity
Of fresh beginnings too
A time of possibilities
To welcome in the new

Yet also moments to reflect
To ponder on in awe
Of a journey trod from bad to good
From what had gone before

And thus into the future now
With all the lessons gained
Hope, providence; fortuity
Are there to be attained

Wish Upon A Star

Wish upon a star
Say a little prayer
Look for hope and happiness
With loving kindness there

And when you catch that star dust
Be careful to hold tight
To radiate the joy it holds
And shine so very bright

The Hand Of Hope

If hope came up and tapped you on
The shoulder would you see
The hand that you’d been offered to
Grab opportunity
Would you be so positioned to
Welcome her in to stay
And have your heart and have your mind
Open enough that day

Or would you be like a closed book
Unable to receive
Unable to make the most of
Her coming and perceive
The chances she was offering
The glimmer shining through
If hope held out her sanguine hand
And offered it to you

For in a corner of this globe
Some sadly miss her call
Not listen out nor recognise
Her presence when she falls
Right in their lap; stares in their face
Presents into their mind
And this is such a travesty
For to hope, they stay blind

So always be hope vigilant
And see the truth; behold
The work of her however slim
For like nuggets of gold
She’s constantly omnipresent
Each day and every night
Her hand held out to offer you
A share of her bright light


Hope, Love and Happiness

Grab all opportunity
Let glasses overflow
Whilst living your life to the full
And never dare let go
Of hope and love and happiness
The trio that will pave
Pathways of joy and contentment
Through thick and thin engrave
Etchings into your heart so deep
With rainbows shades aspire
To live; to learn and laugh a lot
To flourish and inspire


Wishes For The Week

Here’s to a week of opportunity
Of challenges; of more
Where the sun shines in your heart and head
And bursts through open doors
Where stars twinkle through darkness
With beams of hope and light
To make this week the best with joy
So everything goes right!


A Blessing 

Let peace transcend
Let love be true
Your heart be blessed
And grace imbue
Pure joy in life
Let hope endure
From your first breath
Forever more



Loss – whatever form it takes
Runs with cyclic momentum
Through a passage of time
From the crushing initial shock
Reality’s illusion
Through corridors of anger
Emotion’s vent
To the perplexing roller coaster
Surging up; collapsing down
Until acceptance swims
In the calm waters of serenity
With a readiness to live on
As broken hearts are patched
Scaffolded and built to pave
The new tomorrow
Which today we call hope

English: Light at the end of the tunnel Easter...

English: Light at the end of the tunnel Eastern end of Newchurch No2 Tunnel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


She’s waited all winter
Laid still in the cold
So patiently held back
With all things on hold

She’s bided her time
But soon she’ll be here
With warm sunny days
Tidings of good cheer

As spring in her glory
Bursts forth into bloom
With bright yellow daffodils
Dispelling the gloom

And with lambs in the meadows
Frolicking anew
Comes the season of hope
And all things brand new

Akin to a bride
She’ll arrive splendidly
In a garment of green shoots
And a trail of beauty




When the candle starts to flicker
When light grows ever dim
When change is all about you
Or darkness drawers right in
Consider how a seed grows
From remnants of the past
Contracted embers blown at will
That then renews and casts
Forth new life so abundantly
With the resources to
Handle and manage growth again
And do what they must do
And so when worried; overwhelmed
Know things will be all right
Because sometimes it’s in darkness
That we then see the light


There Is A Gap

There is a gap
Between expectation and reality
Where our dreams nestle in the ether of vision
Lie adjacent to belief
Caress tomorrow with that almost tangible faith

There is a gap
Where in sanguine prospect
The mind alludes with delicious anticipation
Nudging the soul’s desire
With aspirant longing and tantalising eagerness

There is a gap
And that gap is a space
A space that we call “hope”
Hope; the keystone in the arch
And the elixir of life

English: Sunset from Paras Beach Resort in Cam...

English: Sunset from Paras Beach Resort in Camiguin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)