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A Day Off

If I could have a day off chores?
I’d feel so very glad
Would it really be that lazy?
Would it really be so bad?

And a day without the washing
Would just make me so happy
No hanging out and bringing in
Or ironing with my tea!

And to have a break from cleaning
Dusting shelves and mopping floors
Would be a complete blessing
Oh please – I do implore

Or to take some time off cooking
From grating cheese and all
We could go out and have dinner
To avoid the kitchen’s call

Just a day to not do anything
A day to rest and see
The way life really could be
Without chores and liberty

The freedom to chillax a bit
And rest my weary legs
To watch TV or maybe shop
For clothes just off the peg

So could I have a day off chores
I’d feel so very glad
Would it really be that lazy?
Would it really be so bad?



Being Mum

I swear I tidied up today
But strewn across the floor
Are toys from lego to doll’s clothes
Cars, jigsaws and lots more.

I swear I did the wash just now
But the laundry’s everywhere
From socks to pants and sticky vests
All draped without a care.

I swear I did a mammoth shop
And filled a trolley so,
But now the cupboard’s emptied out
Where did all that food go?

I swear I cooked and served a meal,
But the child is still hungry!
He’s gobbled down a three course meal
And now wants more for his tea!

I swear I said turn the TV off,
That bedtime is quite near.
But strange to say those words are lost
Falling on a deafened ear!

I swear I swear such things a lot
But sometimes just stop dead
And question if I did all these
Or imagined them instead!