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Perfectly Imperfect

Perfectly imperfect
Is just the way to be
Despite the pressures every day
To be so perfectly
Flawless and faultless
So spot on
Against the human grain
That says “to err is human” so
Why do we even feign
To be perfection’s partner
To have, to look, to do
Excellence when that’s just a myth
That leaves us in a stew
For really striving at our best is
What it’s all about
And that’s the focus I would say
Is perfect to shout out!

Be Sure Your Lies Will Find You Out

Be sure your lies will find you out
Your trickery laid bare
Hypocrisy and pure contempt
Exposed in open air
Your blatant fraud and cheating ways
Dishonesty and cons
Will be revealed on judgement day
Along with your put-ons

For honesty’s the only thing
That stays the test of time
And truth so spoke with open heart
Will hold rhythm and rhyme
So turn your back on fraudulence
And let your word be true
Step up and be accountable
Hold fast to pure virtue

An Angel In Human Form

An angel in human form
Sitting in wait in the world
Breathing life into my being
And nurturing the essence of humanity
Through generous benefaction and giving
Reaching and attaining for the stars
And extending opportunities across the universe to behold.
The essence of selflessness and love
With the grace and beauty of perfection
Wrapped in a simple and delicate blend
With music at the heart of your soul
Where symphonies are played in the orchestra of life
And the apples of discord have no place
Loving and adored Angel
In Maternal form
Where words are simply not enough
To convey my heart’s deepest reflections
And affections for whom you are
One word over everything

Angel sitting sketch

Angel sitting sketch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



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I dream of a utopia
Where all men would be free
Where none would be restricted
Upholding liberty
Trading in a currency of respect
Where integral honesty would flow
A place where blame would dwindle
Responsibility would grow
A world that deals in kindness
Where consideration is rife
Where a subscription to love your neighbour
Becomes the new way to live life
Where accountability is normal
And potential can be achieved
With a creed of empathy
And encouragement conceived

And in my Utopian dream
A clear vision is revealed
A world where all are equal
Where truth is not concealed
For here ideal society
Is as real as real can be
And inspiration is quite tangible
Shining out through you and me
With clarity and transparency
With compassion and with care
With dedication and understanding
Surrounding everywhere
And the world is shooting to the moon
And reaching to the stars
With a sense of fulfillment and completeness
Utopian hearts that now are ours.