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Dear All ….

Let me take you by a frosty hand
And show you sights unseen
When I am hidden, unreleased
When warmer times have been
And by my icy magic I’ll
Reveal glorious sights
By touching each with frost behold
Magnificent delights
Of icicles and spiders webs
Hung in intricate lace
Before your eyes to marvel at
Unmasked by winter’s grace

With much love
Jack x


Snow Flakes

With stealth and efficaciousness
Enveloping the world in a silent snowy blanket
The translucent flakes embellish the facade of the Earth
Displaying the beauty of crystallized magnificence
That at daybreak blends into a winter wonderland.
Iced fingers extend from the roof tops
And frosted leaves line the branches of the glacial trees.
Visions avail of glistening lakes and hiemal fields and vales,
And the landscape transforms into one of arctic radiance and polar splendour.

Jack Frost

Jack Frost has hit the headlines
In his one and only way
With icicles for fingers
Cooling dew to snow per se
With his breadth of frosty air
And his eyes so bitter cold
He’s been dancing round the yard
With an attitude that’s bold
In his wake he’s left a chill
So icy to freeze us out
So watch out and wrap up warm
As Jack Frost is all about