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Fight for Life

The moment hope is ripped from the soul
When there is only the past and present
And the future dissipates
When fear grips your stomach
And your heart pounds like the battle drums
Signalling the war cry for life
As the fight to preserve it begins


There are days when you feel rather poorly
When in essence you feel a tad green
When your head feels like it’s left your body
And your legs are nowhere to be seen

When your stomach is all centre picture
And your nose has run right out of town
Less your get up and go has just vanished
And your spirits are feeling so down

So on those days head straight for the duvet
Shut the curtains and turn off the phone
Watch a film with a cup of hot chocolate
And indulge in a good whinge and moan

Then in time slowly feel a bit better
Stretch widely and get out of bed
To welcome the world once again with
A brighter and much clearer head!



You think you are my nemesis
You think you will undo
My mind, my heart, my will, my life
But believe me that ain’t true
Cos I choose who I listen to
I choose how I will be
And beat the bastards, every time
Not fall but choose for free
To focus with a pure intent
Just so invincible
You think you are my nemesis
But just on principle


Anyone dealing with a disability and life’s daily routines might resonate with this! In my case it’s not being beat by exams with poor health! Onwards and upwards – as they say! 🙂


Flu (Haiku)

Aching arms and legs
Temperature searing high
Coughing up the phlegm

Shakes and shivering
Influenza’s ghastly grasp
Sneezing – full of cold

Headache – feeling ill
Sinuses pounding tight
Time to go to bed

When Life Steps Out Of Time

Don’t you hate it when you’re poorly
Out of sorts and feeling ill
Unable to get on with life
Against your own free will
The issues and the problems that
Sheer up the pure delight
Of living life with better health
No pain or hurt in sight

And don’t you hate it when your helpless
Paralysed by pathogens
That creep throughout your system and
Attempt to become friends
So toxic and so alien
That fail to do you good
By causing sickness and disease
With harm not understood

And don’t you hate it when your hurting
Bash, bruised with broken bones
Inflicting injuries carte blanche
To give you cause to groan
That cripple and disable that
Disturb and so upset
Don’t you hate these loathsome ailments
To them don’t you object

But life is not smooth flowing and
It comes with copious costs
Of illness, disability
So testing; arduous
But each of us can bear this brunt
The testing uphill climb
So let’s exercise compassion
When life steps out of time