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There are mirrors that make you look big
There are mirrors that make you look small
There are mirrors that make you look round
Like a bulbous rotund bouncy ball

But the mirrors I think I like best
Are the eyes that reflect what’s within
Like a mirror that sees all that’s hidden
Caring not if you’re fat or you’re thin


The Face

The face is a painting of the soul and the heart
A picture portraying great calm or disquiet
An image apparent either free or in pain
A depiction of life in a personal refrain
Either singing an aria so sweet and so true
Or mumbling in minor chords oh so blue
And so in the mirror the one who appears
Is a reflection of life across many years

Give Me A Picture

Give me a picture and I’ll pen down some words
Another image of sorts that can only be heard
In the mind of the viewer resonating the heart
Give me a picture for such prose to impart

Give me a picture and we’ll journey so far
To distant lands on the horizon; by boat and by car
By aeroplane, train, on foot or horseback
Give me a picture and we’ll stay on that track

Give me a picture and we’ll dream through the night
Inspired to see more; to love, learn, gleam insights
Imaginings wonder with pictures and sounds
Synchronizing forever as such art knows no bounds

Give Me A Picture

Image copyright 2015 Ginz&Tonic taken from The Cat And Fiddle Pub, Buxton

The Poet

As you paint a picture
With the lens of your camera
In the aperture of a second
Capturing all there is to behold
To seal an image
That rests on the optical nerve
I too will paint a picture
With the lexicon of a vocabulary
In an opening of your mind
Seizing a moment in time
With imagery
To linger on the staves of your soul


Hey! Fake Boy!

Hey fake boy! Why do you so gloat?
Pretend to sometimes be
The person that you’re simply not
Hiding so blatantly
Behind the mask; the veil; face
That isn’t really you
I sense chameleon disguise
Concealing the true view

Why do you shirk, dissimulate
Use smokescreens every day
For fake boy look in the mirror
And there in full array
Is he who’s really good enough
Without pretense or shame
The boy we like just as he is
And that boy wears your name

Big Bellies; Floppy Boobs!

Big bellies; floppy boobs
The need to thin on down
But is that what it’s all about
To have the stick-thin crown?

Is it all about the image?
Or more so for self-care
To disregard what the mirror says
Instead for how we fare

Accepting that some squidyness
Along with cushioned tums
Is part of life and much better
Than living on mere crumbs!

Whilst focussing on health not fat
On fitness; feeling great
On cherishing what’s underneath
Hearts, minds and other states

Not centring on measurements
Or even size zero
But more intent on how we feel
For hale and hearty hero

So big bellies; floppy boobs
Take courage; ditch the scales
Don’t care what mirror or world says
But more your health details!