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The Poet

As you paint a picture
With the lens of your camera
In the aperture of a second
Capturing all there is to behold
To seal an image
That rests on the optical nerve
I too will paint a picture
With the lexicon of a vocabulary
In an opening of your mind
Seizing a moment in time
With imagery
To linger on the staves of your soul



A Poet’s Armour

A poet’s greatest armoury
Is metaphorical
To paint a picture, draw a word
Portray a chronicle
With imagery, symbolism
Feet and meter too
An armoury that packs a punch
Yet draws in me and you

Armour displaying besagues (full image)

Armour displaying besagues (full image) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Word Play

Metaphor and simile
Personifying poetry
To make it all more clear

Imagery, hyperbole
Meant figuratively
Brings words to life and makes more sense
For him and her and me

With syntax and a tonic
Alliterations aid
Not forgetting feet and meters
Now poems can be made!