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Daymer Dreams

We may be missing so many different things at the moment but in our mind’s eye we can go wherever we please through the portal of imaginings and be at one with those places closest to our hearts ♥️

Daymer Dreams


What do you see when you look in the sky?
What shapes do you see when you gaze on up high?
What images run amok in your head
As your mind’s eye takes control to lead – not be led
What beasts rear their heads? What creatures appear?
What visions unfold as you stare and you peer?

For do your see this or do you see that?
An elephant, penguin or even a cat?
A car on heaven’s highway; a train or a fleet
Of circus trucks in the ether; even a cold ice cream treat
Or a smile or some glimmer of a face to behold?
What forms kiss your eyes as clouds roll and unfold?

Or is this a trick of the mind saying ‘boo’!
As skies overhead fly on by over you
Conjuring up mental images, ambiguous stimuli
With subcortical might that identifies
Pareidolia; illusions; tripped senses in thin air
Making something from nothing that’s simply not there


Picture from @Richardesty on Twitter (used with permission)

The Box

A box; to you and me a cardboard box
But to him a box of dreams
A vessel where he could be all
And everything it seems
A box with sails to float away
A den or hideaway
Or on its end a drum to beat
Or a car in which to play
Or furthermore when painted up
A house or fortress thing
Or a box to make a theatre with
Hosting puppets on strings
A box to build a Tardis with
To fly to far off galaxies
Or make a magic chair out of
So many possibilities
For to you and me a cardboard box
But to him, a small small boy
With imagination on his side
It is his greatest toy

And yet as boy grows old and moves
Into the adult years
The box is just a cardboard box
A vessel that appears
To fulfil its job to fetch and sort
But no-more full of hope
Or adventures, games and challenges
On what is a slippery slope
Into the realms of lost vision
A place called reality
That stifles imagination
Shackles creativity
The box a simple cube of sorts
Where usefulness construes
A practical solution that
Constrains altitude views
And so the box, the simple box
Loses capacity
To open up the world to glance
At all there is to see

The Dressing Up Box

In the under stairs cupboard
In a chest made of wood
There are worlds to explore
Imagination’s goods

There’s a gateway to kingdoms
To be somebody new
A place that transforms me
From myself and you too

I can be a princess, a doctor,
A captain at the helm~
A goblin, a fireman,
A knight of the realm

A box that transports me
From here out to there
In an instant departing
Without any cares

A trunk that removes me
To lands far away
On adventures of make believe
In exploratory play

For this chasm in the closet
Is a portal; a door
That goes past the dressing up box
To just so – so much more

A Penguin Is Dancing

In the light of the moon
Neath the branch of a tree
A penguin is dancing
Whilst having his tea
And reading the paper
Whilst stoking the fire
Next to Panda on bamboo
And Tiger in mire

In the distance a cuckoo
Sings loud from the nest
Of another; an eagle
Now driving out West
Towards song of a dolphin
Out in ocean’s bay
Midst pirates and mermaids
Under rainbows they say

And frogs and princesses
And all the King’s men
The goblins and unicorns
And little red hen
Run free and unchecked
For in this puerile soup
Fantastical nonsense fuels
Imagination’s hoop

The hoop to have fun with
The hoop that goes round
The hoop that elicits
The world underground
In the depths of our dreamlands
Our hopes and insights
Imaginings from childhood
Where wonder beams bright

Approximate representation of a fantasy world ...

Approximate representation of a fantasy world at watercolor painting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imagination’s Tide

Come ride imagination’s
Magic Carpet for a day
Come fly above the world and drift
A million miles away

Come to the place you want to go
The place you love the best
Come delve into the pot of dreams
Where mind’s fancy takes no rest

Come sail the furthest oceans
And climb the highest hills
Come wander down green valleys
Or raft white water’s thrills

Come explore the deepest jungle
Where the leopard lies in wait
Come walk through any city with
Fresh eyes on scenes so great

Come scale through desert yonder
Seek oasis to inspire
Come visit space, the universe
Stars and planets set on fire

Come soar across the south pole
Follow penguins one by one
Come swim aboard a dolphin’s back
Bask with turtles in the sun

Come do all of this and more
Seek cross the world so wide
Come ride my magic carpet
On imagination’s tide

Imagination's Tide

Imagination’s Fayre

Sow the seeds of magic
To warm and incubate
And there will be a tree that grows
So mighty and so great

A tree that buds so brightly
With petals and full blooms
With flowers that herald wonder
And exotic perfumes

A harbinger of feathered flock
With plumes of vibrancy
To take flight into distant lands
For hope’s vivacity

A tree that will outlast the years
Laden full with fruit so rare
And pods of inspiration’s dreams
Imagination’s fayre

Magical Colorful Sunset Tree Silhouette

Magical Colorful Sunset Tree Silhouette (Photo credit: Striking Photography by Bo Insogna)


In truth I never shook his hand
But knew he was just there
The little chap that ran around
And sat by Grandpa’s chair

He called him Charlie to his face
And said he was his friend
Invisible to me by sight
For he was just pretend

But even when we ventured out
He came so Grandpa said
Consistently right by his side
Running where he was led

He came out to the coffee shop
He went to the big store
He never missed the park outing
Or pint of beer for sure

And oh so very mischievous
He was a cheeky lad
Charlie, the boy so full of fun
Just happy, never sad!

And then when Grandpa passed away
We lost old Charlie too
As he slipped back from where he came
Imagination’s hue!

But there the story doesn’t end
For one thing lives for sure
Those memories of Grandpa G
And Charlie evermore!

Dedicated to my Grandpa and his wild and wonderful imagination personified in the life of Charlie 


Let me take you to the woods
Just behind the garden fence
Up to the tree tops and the shade
To the clearings and glistening glade
Where the fairies and elves go thence

Step in wonder and in awe
And go where the pixies tread
With daisy chains to mushroom rings
With honeyed dreams of precious things
To view a magic world ahead

Go with openness of heart
With much trust and children’s eyes
A world beyond of make believe
A paradise to be conceived
Full of enchantment and surprise

Let me take you to the woods
Just behind the garden wall
Up to the tree tops and the shade
To the clearings and glistening glade
For spellbound stories to enthrall!