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Our Children’s Future

He sat there in his office
With no reality
And thought of such a good idea
One that pleased him not me

“Let’s make a ‘university’
For children aged from two
Yes let’s incarcerate their souls
Forget their parents too
For if we catch them while their young
Then we can be quite sure
To grow and then develop them
To learn oh so much more”

“Like robotic citizens who’ll
Vote blue just like their blood
That we’ll have tainted through the years
Brainwashed in tidal floods
Of government control and reign
Where they’ll be less contact
With Mum and Dad for all we know
They’ll lead them off the track!”

“Yes,” he thought, as he enjoyed
The musings of his mind
“We’ll get them all in our control
And then you’ll simply find
That all the problems will just go
Just up and disappear
For children should be into school
Before their second year”

“Before their parents can destroy
Their perfect little lives
For we the government knows best
For all the under fives!
And blow those psychos who might say
Attachments will be lost
And stats – well they’re most likely wrong
Why would there be a cost”

And so as he just sat and spoke
My eyes began to burn
With tears for childhoods to be lost
And many more concerns
For there should be no hot pursuit
Of children while their young
Save for encouragement to build
Bonds that will stay so strong

Bonds with the carers of these babes
Whose in their arms they lay
Not lay the armour out and treat
Small lives in this cruel way!

Apologies now for any who might be offended by “political” poems but after the latest opinions proffered last week and the general trends in educational policy that are being reported at the moment, this is my heartfelt plea to allow our children to keep their childhood, to go out of our way to encourage and support the nurture of strong and lifelong bonds with children’s primary carers and a keener eye on their emotional and psychological well-being for positive, healthy outcomes in later life.  

Baby Hugs

Baby Hugs (Photo credit: celikins)


The Cycle of Life

There’s a somewhat cyclic pattern
That reveals throughout the years
From childhood times to adulthood
And into old age steers

For once I was a small baby
A young and helpless child
An infant needing comfort still
And succour undefiled

With childish way and joyfulness
I skipped and hopped and played
A carefree, fun existence with
Such innocent charade

Then into adolescence went
With hormones steaming fast
Discovering much more of life
Identities to last

The leaving home to venture off
And time for student ways
To make the world a better place
Those pure idyllic days

Before the time of settling down
With partners and broad smiles
And maybe starting a new job
Or career to last the miles

Then hear the cry of baby some
Parenting starts to dawn
The now due pitter patter of
Small feet or sleepy yawn

Before middle age encroaches
Time to consolidate
The changes physiological
Some good; some not so great

The senior years advancing with
Grey locks and wrinkled face
The dawn of life’s reflecting time
Towards old age with grace

Then arrives the final chapter
Old age so rich and wise
I’ll take the time to contemplate
No mask now; no disguise

Time to again accept a hand
That care’s with love and more
To ease towards the last curtain
With childlike eyes and awe

For there is a cyclic pattern
That reveals throughout the years
From childhood times to adulthood
And into old age steers