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That Feeling

That feeling
That pains in its descriptive value
That constricts the vessels supporting life.
The heart wrench and the agony
The cataclysmic degradation of inner peace
The suffocation of the senses
The engulfing blackness

That emotion
That defies definition
Playing on the heart chords
And breaking living strings
The loneliness and fear
Devastation and melancholy
Evading escape

That mood
Harnessing calamity
Of helplessness and hopelessness
That does not see the sunrise
Yet craves for it to set
Implicit in its power
That it has and holds

That despondency
Where freedom is captive
And liberty imprisoned
Where greener pastures dwain
And become tinged in black and grey
And where tomorrow is a distant dream
That prevails no more

That perception
Borne of persecution
Enslaved and trapped
And where the storm of yesterday
Rages, wild and untamed
And is the storm that never ends
And the rains that never cease

That conviction
That drains life
Wilting in the searing sun
Destroying everything in its path
Held hostage by synaptic failings
Draining colour from the world
Where the rainbow is no more

And yet ever seeking
Spectral rays of meaning and comfort
Imbuing warmth and sustenance
Yearning for the brighter meadows
The fresher oceans and higher mountains
Where that plateau and panorama
Restores sensorial relief

Where the crystal fountain
Replenishes and revives
With glistening water beckoning
And light gestures,
Warms and seeps
Through the crevices of despair
To the open fields of peace