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Blueprint in a bulb


Inside Out

The outer cloak will never hide
What lies there deep beneath
The pearly whites will not disguise
All else bar rotting teeth
And gold and diamonds never mask
The lack of jewels within
Nor fast cars; flash technology
Show any depth past skin

For what you are will soon come out
Reveal your inner core
The rough or ugly and the truth
Past riches and front door
And then the trappings will become
Transparent and see through
To show up who you really are
The heart that makes up you

And in that day, will you stand proud?
Contented with what’s seen
Will you be thinking yes that’s good
Or feel a tad tad green?
Will you shy from the judgement hand
That adjudicates on high?
Or will you be feel that the truth is out
Curl up and want to die?