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Wasp Candy

Don’t you hate to be wasp candy
Harassed by buzzing ‘fly’
That hassles and just pesters as
It simply can’t pass by
For give it scent and food smells
It’ll aim right for your head
To irritate or even sting
Wasp candy leaving red!

male paper wasp (Polistes dominula)

male paper wasp (Polistes dominula) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ersatz Heart

Locked in embrace of ersatz heart
Ochre and azure blue
To dance through air and join as one
But is their love so true?

For here love’s symbol will betray
A ritual rather harsh
As Azure punctures, grabs and punch
At Ochre by the marsh

And yet this sapphire dart displays
airborne supremacy
Skating cross cerulean sky
‘Gainst summer’s verdancy.

Ersatz Heart