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Pickled Positivity

Keep a bottle always handy
So your glass remains half full
Or better still topped to the brink
Ensuring that the pull
Is a creed of opportunity
The can do, will do way
That sees a path through everything
For bright positive days

Dedicated to a good friend and my number one fan and fellow OU buddy.  Have a great day 🙂

The Heart of Change (Haiku)

Be sure not to fear
Extraordinary for there
Is the heart of change

If I Built The World

If I built the world
I’d think for a bit
Of the things that are needed
What would make it a hit
I’d ask myself questions
I’d try not to lie
And consider what improves
Our lives til we die

And asides all the stuff
Like water and fresh air
Green parks, rural spaces
And plentiful fayre
A little shelter, a fire
And a system to ease
The chances of illness
And heinous disease
I think at the top of my list
There would be
A couple of people
Call them Adam and Eve
With a system in place
That would help then evolve
A family, a race,
And a means to then solve
Life’s little conundrums
The good and the bad
A means to endeavour
Happiness over sad

And in time I would hope
That whatever they made
Would enhance what I’ve given
In the blueprint conveyed
For that would be perfect
A chance to imbue
The diversity possible
With equality too

But would I give them free will
Would I give them a brain
Well do you consider
I’d make that error again?
For it seems that these tools
That should make things so good
Can be turned on themselves
And do not as they should
Make ridiculous choices
For who would dare think
That with all that’s been given
The best thing to drink
Is the poison of plunder
The extracts of war
Consuming all evil
So that more and more
So many lives are corrupted
Ruined, wrecked and destroyed
By the things human do
And the games they employ

So if I built the world
I’d think for a bit
What makes love, hope and joy
For that’s the best bit
And the rest I would fix
In their heads and their mind
So this revised edition
Would be much more kind

A Day Well Lived

Don’t wake up in the morning
Without a care in the world
Limp with apathy
Depleted before the day is done
But spring into the day
As though it is your last
Intent on living it to the full
Taking on the challenges
Facing up to the now
So that the then will
Resonate with your soul
With your spirit
With you heart
And tomorrow, yesterday will have been
A day well lived


The Hand Of Hope

If hope came up and tapped you on
The shoulder would you see
The hand that you’d been offered to
Grab opportunity
Would you be so positioned to
Welcome her in to stay
And have your heart and have your mind
Open enough that day

Or would you be like a closed book
Unable to receive
Unable to make the most of
Her coming and perceive
The chances she was offering
The glimmer shining through
If hope held out her sanguine hand
And offered it to you

For in a corner of this globe
Some sadly miss her call
Not listen out nor recognise
Her presence when she falls
Right in their lap; stares in their face
Presents into their mind
And this is such a travesty
For to hope, they stay blind

So always be hope vigilant
And see the truth; behold
The work of her however slim
For like nuggets of gold
She’s constantly omnipresent
Each day and every night
Her hand held out to offer you
A share of her bright light


A New Day Is Breaking 


A new day is breaking

In chorus awake
To sing with the lark
With nature partake
In the beauty she’s made
As her glory shines through
In sheer hallelujahs
Coming right into view
And as sun rises slowly
High into the sky
Be uplifted, exhaulted
Let Spring’s spirit fly high 

Give Me A Picture

Give me a picture and I’ll pen down some words
Another image of sorts that can only be heard
In the mind of the viewer resonating the heart
Give me a picture for such prose to impart

Give me a picture and we’ll journey so far
To distant lands on the horizon; by boat and by car
By aeroplane, train, on foot or horseback
Give me a picture and we’ll stay on that track

Give me a picture and we’ll dream through the night
Inspired to see more; to love, learn, gleam insights
Imaginings wonder with pictures and sounds
Synchronizing forever as such art knows no bounds

Give Me A Picture

Image copyright 2015 Ginz&Tonic taken from The Cat And Fiddle Pub, Buxton

The View

Looking down over the valley
Across the plain
Into the blue
Where the swallow flies
The cuckoo calls
And clouds drift in cotton bud mist
Above the meandering brook
Cutting through the patchwork quilt
That spreads from the cliff
To the lowlands and beyond

The View

Can Do! Will Do!

Make your day about the do
And not about the don’t
Make your week about the will
And not about the won’t
Make your month about the yes
And not about the no
Make your life about the can
The can do, will do! GO!

Beautiful Day

Where waves lap on the sea shore
In rhythm and rhyme with the moon
Tides of contentment spill into my being
Freshened by the sea air
Exalted by the ocean’s freedom
Lapping gently in harmony with life
And I think to myself
What a beautiful day