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I really want to integrate
And fit in – yes I do!
But does that really have to mean
I give up me for you?

And does it mean I can’t say barth
And instead utter bath
Or can I now not walk a parth
Instead stroll down the path!

And are these round things on my plate
Not potatoes instead tates
I really want to fit in here
How do we integrate?

For after all what do we mean
By wanting to fit in?
Is there a place where we can go
A place that is win:win?

A place where there’s no judgement call
On where we’ve been before
A place where dialects don’t count
Where bigger hearts mean more

For all through life we want to be
Accepted – to have love
Away from all suspicions or
Rejection from above

So all we need to integrate
Is healthy kind respect
For ourselves and for each other
To fit in and connect