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There are sentries on our roads
All dressed in red and white
That line the highways mile on mile
Without giving insight
As to a reason why they’re there
For in their loyal rows
The empty passage t’other side
Leaves us out of the know
For it appears they simply stand
On guard biding their time
In conical formation and
With no reason and no rhyme!
Saluting all the traffic
As it just trundles by
The cones directing queues of cars
To jam! Oh how I sigh!



The Travel Writer

To cross the world; to see such sights
To taste new culture too
To visit, feel experience
To do, to be, imbue

And then to write; to share, to tell
To be at one in ink
The travel writer story bound
Forever forging links

English: Julius Chambers (1850–1920) American ...

English: Julius Chambers (1850–1920) American journalist and travel writer in 1872 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are We Nearly There Yet?

Are we nearly there yet?
Those words all parents hate
That climb aboard with little child
And on the nerves do grate!

For as soon as engine starts up
And wheels begin to turn
They just believe that time will stop
As  journeys end returns

And in that very instant
All children seem to think
That by some “Who’ish” magic
They’lll trade those forty winks

And reach their destination
Almost immediately
Where “are we nearly there yet”
Will become – “what is for tea?”

Local call number: N043879 Personal Author: Fr...

Local call number: N043879 Personal Author: Fredgant, Don. Title: Children and dogs in a car: Tomoka River Region, Florida Date: 19–. Physical descrip: 1 photonegative: b&w; 4 x 5 in. Series Title: (General collection.) Repository: State Library and Archives of Florida, 500 S. Bronough St., Tallahassee, FL 32399-0250 USA. Contact: 850.245.6700. Persistent URL:… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Traffic Lights

Oh traffic lights please turn to green
Through amber spectrum go
And do us all a favour please
To help the traffic flow

For when you’re red you irritate
And make us all so late
So please remain a go go green
To pacify our state

And help us journey without hitch
No stopping in tracks dead
But let us travel – carry on
Please lights do not shine red!


Look Forward

Look forward to your future
Be inspired by where you go
Have fun! Enjoy! And make the most
Relax! Go with the flow
And with a drop of courage
A spoon of wisdom wise
Take steps forward on pathways new
With dreams up in the sky
But keep your foothold steady
Your mind intent, secure
With focus, dedication, might
And you’ll do fine for sure!

English: Road in the UAE. Français : Une route...

English: Road in the UAE. Français : Une route aux Émirats arabes unis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The landtrain set in motion
That some may call traffic
A chain of cars that go nowhere
And make me feel quite sick!

For it’s impossible to move
To get just anywhere
Whilst waiting in the static queue
I’m pulling out my hair

And blasted traffic lights don’t help
Turning from green to red (more…)


I dreamt we went to greener lands
The other side of fence
A land of mysteries so great
A land so called pretence
Where water was so very clear
Where hunger didn’t call
Where hurt and pain had left this earth
Where no-one took a fall
Where love was the only language
And care the paradigm
I dreamt we went to greener lands
Where all was so sublime

The place that is a paradise
The land that could exist
Where living in fine harmony
Burns sunshine through the mist
The place of purer unity
Where all diversity
Is celebrated; assets shared
A place we’d like to be
Where blame just doesn’t happen and
Respect is given worth
I dreamt we went to greener lands
A heaven here on earth