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The Number 7 Bus

“All aboard please” he rang the bell
Stood right by the open door
The bus conductor with flat cap
“Fares please” he called and more
And off the Number 7 went
To trundle on its way
From Maidstone to Old Tunbridge Wells
The usual route per se

Through villages and towns it sped
In green livery so bright
Stopping en route to pick up fares
Whilst others would alight
But in the air was something odd
A sense of somewhat more
A premonition some would say
Of something else in store

And then it happened in a flash
Without warning or to do
In an instant, right from the road
It vanished in the blue
For as the bus hit the spa town
It simply disappeared
One moment still on the highway
The next the road was cleared!

But where the green bus had gone to
Remains a mystery today
A tale beset in legend as
No travellers went astray
For each arrived where they were bound
Though none could really tell
What happened once they’d got aboard
The bus that rang the bell


By way of note this bears no resemblance to the actual number 7 bus service that runs between Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells and is purely a ramble into fiction possibly taking something from days of old from memories of the old school bus service that used to take us to school.  If only those journeys had been so exciting!!! 🙂



Upon the heath by Greenwich Park
Where time extends into the blue
And common land reaches out
A grassland mass in London’s hue

A site of long-gone industry
Where gravel spoils were seized
Reclaimed by nature’s healing balm
Gorse blossom caught upon the breeze

Where Romans once transversed the heath
Wat Tyler’s band met to protest
Where highway men have purged the rich
And black death’s victims laid to rest

And calling sinners from afar
Kent’s needle sits on church beneath
Arising from this open space
Amidst the wonders of Blackheath