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Passwords, PINs, user IDs
With insufficient memories
In neural banks for quick recall
Yet forget them at your own downfall
For now the world is locked into
A land of digits all askew
From four figures to sometimes six
Or biometrics in the mix
In an attempt to stop the lot
From revealing stuff that just is not
For public view; for all to see
And thus these things work like a key
But like the key we cannot find
These codes sometimes escape our minds!



“Can you find them?  Where did I put them?
Oh what the..! For goodness sake!
I swear I left them just right here
Did you have them? Did you take –
My keys – I just can’t find them
They’ve vanished in thin air
It’s like they’ve a got their own life
And have disappeared from there”

But where she’d put them was a mystery
Just like all other things
The more she vexed her memory
The less her mind could sing
And give her any answers
As to where those keys could be
And so the search began at once
To find them instantly

But keys – now there’s the irony
Those things that will unlock
Are the one things that in such times
Give amnesia and brain block
And all memories of where you put them
Remain so locked away
Until you’ve either recut them
Or given up per se!