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The Heart Rhythms Charity

If you’re feeling symptomatic
If you’re young or if you’re old
Or if you’re feeling fine
Just do as you are told
And get to know your pulse
To feel a constant beat
Lest if it’s bounding out of time
Don’t say it is the heat

But go and get it looked at
Check in with your GP
To see what is occurring
Let them be referee
To see which beats are dandy
Or which have gone astray
So take your pulse and make a note
For good heart health today!

And then we’ll all be happy
Celebrating more lives saved
Ensuring better care for those
Whose pulses don’t behave
Increasing improved access
For those arrhythmically
With help and with support from the
Heart Rhythms Charity

This week has been Heart Rhythm Week celebrating Ten Years of Innovation and Advancements in Arrhythmia Patient Care. To mark this Ginz&Tonic have been posting poems everyday to encourage everyone to “know their pulse” . Your support over the week and beyond will make a difference in helping to protect the many millions of arrhythmia patients worldwide.  Together we can:

  • Work to save 100,000 lives from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)
  • Improve outcomes for 1 million AF patients
  • Increase early detection and management for 2 million arrhythmia sufferers

Please click here to find out more 

Know Your Pulse