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The Illusion of Knowledge



There’s a thing called curiosity
Much like the candle’s wick
When lit illuminates the mind
And rallies it real quick
To burn with inquisitiveness
The quest to find out more
As learning waxes lyrical
And opens up the door
Of enquiry with great desire
To be right in the know
The wish to will the flame so bright
Wherever it might glow


He knows it all; knows everything
Thinks there’s nothing left to learn
So arrogant in the extreme
And yet in time; in turn
The opposite will be revealed
As gaps begin to show
How little he now understands
For knowledge really knows
That knowing is more so searching
The quest to find out more
The choice to leave no stone unturned
Nor slam shut any door

The truth that in our daily lives
There’s always more to find
More to illuminate those banks
Of knowledge in our mind
And that the task is endless; that
The job will never cease
And all bar all opinion, thought
And questions won’t release
Us from wisdom’s apprentice role
Into eternity
For there’s no cap and gown to wear
No ‘Knowledge’ BSc!


“LinusPaulingGraduation1922”. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons –



The mirror past invisibility
To see what otherwise might not be seen
The way to the destination
To visit places otherwise out of reach
The connection through space
To meet those otherwise never to be met
The key to the past
The portal to the future
The acquisition of knowledge; of language
And the hand of communication
Edifying mankind by text

Deutsch: Verkehrsmuseum Nürnberg, Fachbücher i...

Deutsch: Verkehrsmuseum Nürnberg, Fachbücher in der Bibliothek (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Conformity’s Mist

Oh the world so likes those who comply
Who say and do the right thing
Those who happily tow the party line
Or read from the same song sheet to sing

She promotes people who knuckle under
Or sit quietly in long listless rows
Cherishing those who happily sign on the line
Without threat to equilibrium pose

And those who accept red tape and bureaucracy
Are often exalted high over the rest
For the fact that they ask no questions
Gives them an A* in conforming at best

But the question that is mostly apparent
Is whether it’s really better this way?
Is it right that we’re encouraged to follow the crowd?
Institutionalised to stop us going astray?

Astray on a quest of pure knowledge
To a place where choices exit
Where we can think or debate or inquire once again
And live without conformity’s mist.