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Through the misted dawn of yesterday
A new morrow came in view
And through the one way gate from life
I turned and passed right through
I looked and saw you crying
And my heart reached out to you
For now your turn has not arrived
To walk into the blue

But when you need me remember this
Our memoirs will pave the way
A connection in the ether
That will be there night and day
And reminisce with fondness
Let me see you smile and play
And let your laughter ring aloud
To shine like the sun’s ray

And don’t grieve that I have had to leave
That this is the end; adieu
Instead be brave and look ahead
New beginnings, ventures new
And live and hope and flourish
And be happy as you do
For my Darling, I promise this
I’ll watch right over you.


Always Remembered – Never Forgotten