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There’s a thing called curiosity
Much like the candle’s wick
When lit illuminates the mind
And rallies it real quick
To burn with inquisitiveness
The quest to find out more
As learning waxes lyrical
And opens up the door
Of enquiry with great desire
To be right in the know
The wish to will the flame so bright
Wherever it might glow


There’s No Place Like Home (Haiku)

Schools build libraries
But it’s at home each book is
Conceived and written 

Photo credit: wikimedia commons 


Swot and study
Constant going
To get wise
Or is that worn out
Who just knows?
Learning facts
And writing prose
Mind maps, post-sticks
Notes on wall
Books of jottings
Getting full
Cramming! Stuffing
Will it stay?
We’ll just see
On exam day!



Have you noticed that you cannot
Switch your ears off when you choose
You can’t shut them like your eyes
To stamp out all the views
But instead they stay wide open
Listening day in and day out
Not able to block out those sounds
Nor filter what’s about
So surely there’s a lesson
To learn above the rest
To close your eyes and shut your mouth
For listening is best!

English: Ear. Good for listening.

English: Ear. Good for listening. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There’s one thing that we know for sure
That life hands out hard knocks
That it can throw a curved ball out
And knock you off your blocks

For some we see these knocks approach
Whilst some come from the blue
But with resilience we can
Help soften the blow too

And with such help then stored in hand
We’ll bounce back when we’re hit
Drawing upon the skills in our
Resilient tool kit

Resilience a helpful tool
That gives us strength in life
To weather out so many storms
Hostile and full of strife

And so in its own abstract way
Resilience can be
The buffer to life’s stress and strains
And much adversity