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Lego Memory

Like lego pieces scattered
That come to form a whole
Your memory is similarly
A process that enrols
So many different areas
Of a brain it isn’t true
But memories are what make up
Yourself. Agreed?  It’s true!

From what you had for breakfast
To what you did last week
The colour of those socks you wore
The way Aunt Ethel speaks
Your spellings and times tables
The way you get to school
The names of friends and family
Not to forget the rules

And so just to remember
Your brain has much to do
To code and store and then retrieve
What a hullabaloo!
So get to work and focus
Get busy one, two, three
And let’s get all braintastic
To improve your memory!

Lego bricks

Lego bricks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Being Mum

I swear I tidied up today
But strewn across the floor
Are toys from lego to doll’s clothes
Cars, jigsaws and lots more.

I swear I did the wash just now
But the laundry’s everywhere
From socks to pants and sticky vests
All draped without a care.

I swear I did a mammoth shop
And filled a trolley so,
But now the cupboard’s emptied out
Where did all that food go?

I swear I cooked and served a meal,
But the child is still hungry!
He’s gobbled down a three course meal
And now wants more for his tea!

I swear I said turn the TV off,
That bedtime is quite near.
But strange to say those words are lost
Falling on a deafened ear!

I swear I swear such things a lot
But sometimes just stop dead
And question if I did all these
Or imagined them instead!


Broken Relationship with a Twist

We’re ended! We’re finished!
That’s it, we’re over! No-more!
No point in pining for me
Hoping I’ll come to your door.

To be honest I’m glad that we’ve parted
I’m happy we’re done!
Those years are now spent
And it’s time to move on!

Okay, I know you are shattered
In pieces – it’s true!
You’re battered and broken
Black, red and blue!

I’m sorry, I crushed you
I built you up, knocked you down.
I said I loved and adored you;
The jewel in my crown.

But now that’s in the past
I’ve grown up and moved on.
From now on you are worthless
It’s harsh, but we’re done.

I can see you’re in bits
I know I should cry.
I feel for your pain
But I just want to fly.

It’s the end of an era
The beginning of new.
More lands now to conquer
And more things to do.

And sad to admit it
You’re left behind on the pile.
The dump that’s for ex’s
That have been outrun on their mile.

And broken you can stay
In your box you can go,
Filed as a memory perhaps
As my childhood LEGO!