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The Demise of the Memo


Writer’s Block (Haiku)

Writers block grips hard
Paralysing lexicons
Inspiration lost


Try and find me a word
That has the ending the same
As dreamt as in dream
For I believe that its fame
Is the fact that another
Doesn’t end in MT
And so is unique in
English vocabulary


Why is it when we’re younger we
Have certain words drilled out?
Out of our minds, our lexicon
To never hear them shout

Some words that from our brain are banned
Or else they’ll be our vice
Such words that have done nothing wrong
Like, for example, nice!

I mean, whatever did that word
Just do to gravitate
All teachers on the planet to
Say “No!  The word I hate!”

This word that sums up perfectly
When something is just fine!
Despite the fact that there might be
More synonyms refined

For simple “nice” has been bullied
Rejected some might say
But how else can we then just wish
Each one a real ‘nice’ day!



A Haiku …..

Countless words to say

Our abundant lexicon

To choose from wisely