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The Guardian Of The Lamp

You are the guardian of the lamp
That bathes your way in light
The keeper of the keys that keeps
Your stronghold safe and tight
The sentinel who checks your path
The nurse who oversees
The angel who protects and saves
Custodian who believes
For you, my friend, are all of these
And doubtlessly much more
Just take a stand as watchman of
Your life and take the floor!
And be the raconteur who is
Orator of your soul
Of your today, your destiny
Your hopes, your dreams, your goal

Guardian of the Lamp



Turn About

Give up the fags, the sweets and the booze
Give up the caffeine and buying more shoes
Give up the burgers and other fast food
Give up the moaning and being so rude
Give up the nose picking or chewing on hair
Give up the tendency to lean on your chair
Give up the life that never moves or works out
Give up these things and start turning about

About to a life where you are in charge
About to a life that is free and at large
About to a life where you’re the boss of your ways
About to a life that takes control of your days
About to a life that says “I love me, I do”
About to a life that says “That choice is mine too”
About to a life that’s not constricted by guilt
About to a life that is lived to the hilt!


Testing Mum!

“I love you! Just not your behaviour!”
Mum smiled wanting to say
“Come on you brat you’re pushing me
You’re getting in my way
You’re plucking all my nerves
And pushing buttons so
You’re driving me quite crazy
It’s either me or you to go”

“You’re becoming quite a terror
I’m stressed beyond compare
I don’t get why you’re acting up
Now watch out and just beware
‘Cos if I really lose my rag
You’ll know it just you see
I’ll tell your DAD. You just wait!
You’ll go without your tea!”

But instead she smiled so sweetly
Bit her tongue – braced herself
As she loved that little rascal
Even when he was an elf
So she stopped before she started
And looked him in the eye
Holding back she took a deep breath
For he had no alibi

And then she quite calmly said it
Those words that meant so much
“I love you! Just not your behaviour
So sort it out and get in touch!
In touch and find that nicer lad
‘Cos recall there’ll be a fine
If you continue down this road
And fail to toe the line!”

Then she continued in the same vein
Without emotion or despair
Pulling him up so very short
He knew she was being fair
For everything she said was right
And he knew he had been wrong
But most of all by all accounts
He’d changed before too long!