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Today is National Poetry Day, one of my favourite days in the year, and this year’s theme is LIGHT.  If you’ve written a poem to celebrate this day, please comment below with a link to it and/or find us on twitter ( and tweet me your poem to retweet.  

Be a light in the darkness
A lantern penetrating life
Breaking through despair
With warming rays of compassion
That shatter any abyss
And dispel demons
To nurture growth
And scatter beams of hope
As a planetary lamp
On the world centric stage
A shining luminous spirit
Dancing with global radiance
solution focussed


If There Was A God (Haiku)

If there was a god
This would be him in glory
Shining light on earth


Be A Beacon

Hold high your beacon
Let it shine so bright
To bring love and joy
And to lighten the night
As a droplet of sunshine
As ray from rainbow
With colour and comfort
Wherever you go

Bring Light

Bright light from far horizon
Shine down on all things good
Smile at the hearts that imbue joy
Exactly as you should

And where some bring sheer darkness
Who fail to love and care
Beware of their dark spirit
Consuming with despair

And do not waste your radiance
Don’t be sucked in; snuffed out
Instead bring light to others who
Are worth it without doubt

There are days when you realise just how lucky you are to be surrounded by the light particularly when you come across the darkness.  The joy is to imbue and share that light with other like minded souls.

Chrimbo Sparkle

Add a little sparkle
Spread a little light
Splatter joy in others hearts
With peace and comfort bright



If I were a wave I think “wow, how cool”
To roam and to roll everywhere
For as water I’d go all over the globe
Or as a sound wave travel through air

As a microwave that would be pretty good
Although matters might get a tad hot
Or maybe a radio wave would be best
Maybe that would just then hit the spot

But the best wave of all, I think would be light
To race with great speed like sunshine
Through the universe onwards to infinity
Now that wave would suit me just fine!


The Sky Is On Fire

The sky is on fire
It’s burning so bright
It’s driving the sun
Down and down, out of sight

It’s spreading its red
And strong orange rays
Cross heaven’s expanse
It’s the end of the day

The sky is on fire
It’s burning so bright
The sun disappears
To then herald the night

The night has arrived
Encased in the dark
But light will come back
With the song of the lark

From Lost to Life

She lost it all; it fell apart
From hearth to home to health she lost
Her life just seemed to count the cost
In loneliness with broken heart

And in the depths of all despair
She wailed and cried and wept a flood
Drained of all life sucked from her blood
For what was left for her out there?

But in the corner burning bright
Dim first it seemed a distant hue
A pinprick vestibule anew
Shining a ray of hopeful light

For hope was all she needed see
A path of hope – a ray of light
A promise of an end in sight
That there could be tranquillity

And up from ashes came a bird
A phoenix that could thus inspire
Arising from the dust and fire
To resurrect; a new life stirred

And from that point she ventured out
With n’out to have and n’out to hold
For life extends past riches gold
To pastures new that sing and shout

To pastures that have thus renewed
To meadows where the song bird sings
To cornfields full of better things
Where new life now has been imbued.