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Love Yourself

Clickbait society
Where likes and shares and such
Are central to the mindsets
Of those who yearn so much
For approval from all others
Over knowing their true worth
Abandoning self reliance
Whilst failing to unearth
A hidden gem that lies within
With dopaminergic zest
Called intrinsic satisfaction
Of yourself who knows you best


‘Like’ Button Junkie

There’s a new addiction on the streets
One that’s coming of age
A sum that’s comes statistically
From ‘likes’ upon a page
Equating clicks that then affirm
Mass popularity
Reward that means acceptance with
Approval desperately
Addiction to the ‘like’ button
The times that it is hit
To rate, to mark, to thus affirm
That so and so is fit
Or oh so very pretty; slim
Or dressed so very nice
The ‘like’ button that lures you in
Addiction’s newest vice

facebook like button

facebook like button (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)