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Writers Block

A limerick which amused me at least!

There once was a lass who could write
Limericks into the night
But she got writers block
Her mind seemed to lock
And ….. 😂

The Pirouetting Buckingham Palace Guard

There’s a guard at the palace today
Who’s putting on quite a display
With a twist and a twirl
And a bit of a curl
He’s a comic now wouldn’t you say

He’s wearing his bearskin on head
And his jacket is shiny bright red
But his march from his post
Is the thing loved by most
With a pirouette so it is said

But now sadly he’s got into strife
For despite his good humour so rife
He must stand still and dumb
To not endorse nor succumb
To his Strictly Come Dancing dreamed life

So news has broken of a guard pirouetting at Buckingham Palace.  If you want to see the You Tube clip – click this link:



I once knew a girl called Eliza
Who lived high society’s way
With onyx black hair
Green eyes to declare
She knew just what game she would play

She languished in homes of the gentry
She basked in their wealth and their jewels
In social embrace
She moved with such grace
To mask her intentions so cruel

She married a man who delivered
The lifestyle she’d planned from the start
But then took a shine
To a man not so fine
And tugged at the strings of his heart

Her husband next turned to the bottle
Or owt that would help him avoid
The pain that he felt
From the lashings she dealt
That left him bereft and devoid

She then moved away with her children
To a new home, all paid from his gold
Intent on affairs
With simply no cares
And a mess in her wake so we’re told

And then with her ego self-centredness
She started again and once more
Enticing the men
By tempting again
With her charm and soliciting pure

And the result; well don’t you just wonder
What happened from all of this strife
For Eliza ensured
She never got bored
Destroying these men in her life

For she’d promise them all and commit nowt
Except that is raw rampant sex
Then drop them and move
To the next just to prove
She’d conquered them all like her ex

And her children, you ask, where did they fit
In this life of such carnal desire?
They were spoilt lest they cry
But left high and dry
To suffer at the hands of this mire

And so there’s a moral appearing
In the light of brash Eliza’s way
To make people feel
They are more than a meal
Raise them up and uplift them each day!

But Eliza – what happened?  You can guess
She exploited each up to the end
Without any joy
Each man was a toy
But none ever stayed as her friend

For her life had been lived in the fast lane
With trappings that were all for show
But sad shall we say
Eliza ended her day
With no husband, companion or beau.


Disclaimer:  Please note this is fiction and does not relate to anyone in particular!