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Lincoln’s Imp and The Leprechaun

Great Scott!  I see a leprechaun
A walking down the street
With high jinks on his little mind
And taunting all he meets
But it is said he’s heading
Up to old Lincoln’s crown
To rendezvous with a stone imp
Cast spell to get him down
From the cathedral eves
After all these long long years
But mark my word they’ll bring trouble
And this will end in tears!

But there is one solution
Found in an arc of light
To stop these mischief makers
With shenanigans in sight
For with rainbow shining brightly
The leprechaun will go
Just as the fairies bid him to
So very long ago
To guard his hidden booty
Or so the tale is told
As leprechaun less Lincoln’s imp
Must guard his pots of gold!