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People Watching



Have you noticed that you cannot
Switch your ears off when you choose
You can’t shut them like your eyes
To stamp out all the views
But instead they stay wide open
Listening day in and day out
Not able to block out those sounds
Nor filter what’s about
So surely there’s a lesson
To learn above the rest
To close your eyes and shut your mouth
For listening is best!

English: Ear. Good for listening.

English: Ear. Good for listening. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


When you speak, be quick to listen
Close eyes to fully see
What’s being said around you first
What’s spoken audibly

And consider what the other
In discourse does relay
And what is their perceptual view
Received from what you say

For dialogue is a patchwork
A quilt of many threads
That can build up quite a story
Or leave one feeling dead

It’s a two way conversation
Embracing mutually
The art of dialogue and chat
That’s oral aurally