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Litter Bug Nation

Litter bug nation
An utter disgrace
With the trash that is being
Dropped all over the place

The garbage that’s thrown
From fast moving cars
To litter the wayside
Things have gone too far

The rubbish that’s dumped
Out there in the street
Just thrown into oblivion
Trampled under our feet

Then the dumping; the fouling
Fly tipping and more
Oh litter bug nation
Stop it now we implore!

For you’re stifling the planet
Suffocating her lungs
You’re killing her quietly
From the trash that is flung

From the toxins; the debris
The waste and the mess
Please take home your rubbish
And dump a lot less!

It was a real eye opener on the Bedford Bypass yesterday seeing the heavily littered wayside and literally the fact that teams of people had to be employed to litter pick the copious amounts of rubbish that filled two trucks!!!! Why do people think it is OK to fling their rubbish rather than put it n a bin? It’s beyond me!



If you simply must drop your litter
Walking down the street
Just think about the impact
It will have upon our feet
For in particular if it’s sticky
Say goo or chewing gum
You might just get a little stuck
Or end up on your ……
And please don’t drop bananas
That can cause a slip and fall
For combined with all those fag ends
They’re the worst culprits above all!