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Christmas Spirit

Not long now until Christmas comes
And with it all the fun
The warm mince pies and pure magic
And Carols to be sung
The wrapping up of gifts galore
The cooking of the cake
The glasses of mulled wine to drink
And decs to hang or make
The shouting out at pantomimes
The cards to write and send
The fun times with our families
Or with other great good friends

But spare a thought for others who
Won’t feel so Christmassy
For whom Christmas joy is absent
Devoid of company
Those lost or simply all alone
Who need a little call
A visit or a drop in for
Good tidings to befall
To maybe share a Christmas smile
To spend a little time
So that all their Christmases come
At once and so sublime!

So let’s recall Christmas Spirit
With wishes for this day
That raise a glass and make a toast
With happiness to say
We wish you all a festive time
A time of joyfulness
A time where each and every one
Will feel so very blessed
A time where all humanity
Will join with festal cheer
To wish each a Happy Christmas
A jolly good new year




In the City

In the city lies a silence
In the hustle and the bustle.
An impenetrable silence in the middle of the din.
A silence that has sound yet longs for understanding.
A silence that is not golden and belies the city’s sin.

In the city lies a stillness
In the hustle and the bustle.
A moving, stirring stillness that leaves bareness; a hole.
A stillness that does not settle yet craves for comfort motion.
A stillness that is not peaceful depleting the city’s soul.

In the city lies an emptiness
In the hustle and the bustle.
An emptiness that deprives and desiccates the same.
An emptiness in fullness, or busyness often forgotten.
An emptiness that in its essence calls loneliness its name.