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Passwords, PINs, user IDs
With insufficient memories
In neural banks for quick recall
Yet forget them at your own downfall
For now the world is locked into
A land of digits all askew
From four figures to sometimes six
Or biometrics in the mix
In an attempt to stop the lot
From revealing stuff that just is not
For public view; for all to see
And thus these things work like a key
But like the key we cannot find
These codes sometimes escape our minds!


Lost Girl

She lassoed the moon
Stole the stars from the sky
Switched off the sun
Let the light simply die

She siphoned the air
Suppressed love’s last breath
Claiming victory was hers
As he fell to his death

And as last one standing
She refused to concede
That her spite and her bitterness
Had made her heart bleed

And with ice in her veins
And a stone that beat not
Her hatred engrossed her
As she started to rot

Then the skies all turned black
And the darkness consumed
The lost girl, so tormented
Now dead in her tomb.


Lost and over burdened
Unsure of what to do
Confused, perplexed, confounded
Mind melting in a stew
Battered in the mayhem
Frought with deep despair
Bewildered, muddled, frightened
Does anybody care?


Oh Tom – he was a liar, a conman and a thief
Who thought he’d blag his way through life
Thought he was the big chief
And as such he conceived himself
Untouchable it’s true
But all along the lies built up
Until they came in view

They caught him out; exposed him
Showed him for who he was
A scoundrel and a vagabond
Addicted to the buzz
Of hurting those around him
Not stepping to the mark
Of truth; responsibility
An ogre of the dark

For you see Tom met his maker
A grizzly end they say
Tripped up by all his lies and fibs
The trappings in his way
And beaten at his own game
He then threw in the towel
Lost everything but that is what
Happens when one plays foul!

Sat Nav or Paper Map?

Sat Nav or paper map
How do we find our way?
Or do we simply sniff it out
With nose to ground per se?

Perhaps we use the sun
And other easy clues
Such as road signs for directions
What guidance do we use?

But if we’re really lost
Off track and so astray
Then maybe none of these will help
To navigate life’s way

For then we simply must
Just stop! Evaluate!
And think just where we want to go
Before it’s far too late

And take the time to plan
Work out what we will do
Then climb back on the horse and ride
Determined to get through

From Lost to Life

She lost it all; it fell apart
From hearth to home to health she lost
Her life just seemed to count the cost
In loneliness with broken heart

And in the depths of all despair
She wailed and cried and wept a flood
Drained of all life sucked from her blood
For what was left for her out there?

But in the corner burning bright
Dim first it seemed a distant hue
A pinprick vestibule anew
Shining a ray of hopeful light

For hope was all she needed see
A path of hope – a ray of light
A promise of an end in sight
That there could be tranquillity

And up from ashes came a bird
A phoenix that could thus inspire
Arising from the dust and fire
To resurrect; a new life stirred

And from that point she ventured out
With n’out to have and n’out to hold
For life extends past riches gold
To pastures new that sing and shout

To pastures that have thus renewed
To meadows where the song bird sings
To cornfields full of better things
Where new life now has been imbued.

The Sea Spirit

She left and went down to the beach
The sea lapping on shore so clear
The tide drawing in from far and near
With sun now dipping out of reach

Along the bay right by the sea
With sand between her toes she trod
With wind embracing every nod
She wandered far so aimlessly

Embracing fears, enticing thoughts
Her busy mind, her ramblings wild
Absorbed in self, her inner child
Lost to a world so overwrought

The moon arose high in the sky
The stars danced brightly all around
Darkness encased her world and ground
She breathed her last and said goodbye

And to this day so it is said
That girl still walks right by the sea
Along the shore eternally
Now misted into time instead

The Sea Spirit


The Desert of the Lost

I pray you never see this place
A far and distant land
A land where there’s no water
But a desert made of sand

A land where streams are empty
Dried out and cracked so dry
A land where trees barely exist
And vultures fill the sky

A land where an oasis
Is just a faint mirage
And lakes are distant memories
And faded by the entourage

Of dreams cascading to illusions
Lost waterholes forgot
A land so parched and very dry
With searing heat so hot.

Where lives seem non-existent
Where no-one dares to go
A land devoid of water
Where the river never flows

I pray you’ll never go there
This desert of the lost
This place reserved for lonely souls
Where heartbreak counts the cost

This place where veins no longer
Can flow with life’s red blood
For hope and faith and trust and love
Are gone in tidal floods

No! I pray you never see this place
This far and distant land
A land where there’s no water
But a desert made of sand

The Mariner’s Affair

He climbed aboard and rigged the sail
And sailed from home and family
To the horizon on the sea
Away on a maritime trail

He sailed so far to distant shore
To oriental lands afar
At day by sun, at night by star
A quest to rediscover more

He sailed out on the open sea
In squalls and storms he battled on
In nautical oblivion
Away from you, away from me

And when he reached the ancient port
And stepped out on the Asian soil
A serpent did itself uncoil
In seductive dance with fun cavort

To Judah’s kiss he then succumbed
With lust and doubt not love he came
Towards the serpent and her game
Falling beneath her spell so numb

Her lure so strong, so magnetic
Her charm bewitching in her kiss
Carnal yearning from the abyss
Yet not to last but synthetic

Then cast away he sailed from she
Infatuated, lost, confused
Now dammed astray and gravely bruised
Forever since left out at sea!

The Mariners Affair

With thanks to my dear friend Kate for use of her photo

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Empty World

Empty world,
Incarcerated in a tomb of bereft beauty
Caressing the precipice of bejeweled contempt
Desolated and wandering vacant.

Empty world,
Lost in the vacuum of transient gratification
Dressed in the apparel of hollow endeavour
Sinking under the garment of egocentric desire.

Empty world,
Buried under the carnage of superficial glory,
Pertaining to life and allure less substantive reference,
Imploding into the silence within to permeate the void.

Empty world,
Extraditing the heart of the soul and bleeding in its wake.
Without acknowledgement and without comprehension
For your cavity is overt in the face of satiation.