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Riddle me this, riddle me why
There’s trouble ahead
Look up to the sky
As La Lune is arriving
To challenge the light
Flexing his muscle
This day to bring night

For he’ll drain out the life blood
Of the brightest star
He’ll get in her way
As he comes from afar
To land on her lantern
Stalk her pathway for sure
Imprinting his shadow
As he knocks on her door

And he’ll tease and he’ll taunt
Let the world know he’s there
Yet in time he will leave
Without a song or a care
When her heart he’s eclipsed
And his moment has passed
For La Lune’s in transition
And his presence won’t last

English: The 1999 Solar eclipse in France (Vie...

English: The 1999 Solar eclipse in France (View 6). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)