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Magnolian Misery

A single bud of purple tint
Alone upon the tree
With tears on leaves in solitude
Magnolian misery

A bud of hope yet stifled by
Lost dreams not now empowered
Non-blooming bud constricted and
Confined powerless to flower

Unhappy, sad in shade of blue
So hopeless and fatigued
In helpless state, resigned, retired
Secluded from the league

Anxious and worried all the time
With panic filled with doom
The bud upon Magnolia
The bud that cannot bloom

And yet beside its sorrow
And vulnerability
With help and aid to cope again
The flower will blossom free

Free from the overwhelming stress
Free from the strangling hold
To burst again in splendidness
And break depression’s mould

 Depression is quite common.  At least one in ten adults are affected by depression and up to 4% of children between the ages of five to sixteen.  However, help is at hand and support available.  If you have been touched by this poem and/or feel you or someone you know might be suffering from depression, please talk to your GP.  More details are available from Depression Alliance, or on NHS Choices

Magnolian Misery

The Black Dog

A black dog on cliff’s precipice
Where rocks will fall below
The crumbling tide of raging mind
In oceans tidal flow
That washes almost as to drown
To swamp, to sink; obscure
The joy that calmer water brings
The sea of insecure

The worry and anxiety
Panic’s impending doom
Where light has hid behind a cloud
So dingy; full of gloom
Where energy abates and falls
Where appetite is lost
As vigour flags and languishes
So veiled ; emotions crossed

Where life cannot lie in sun
Or run on beach so free
And leash appears so very tight
Constricting liberty
Where depths despair knows oh so well
The darkness and the plight
The black dog of depression there
The blackness; always night